Private Aerial Yoga with Jennifer

Aerial Yoga Sessions at Home Downtown Yoga Studio, 105 Macartan St. Augusta, GA 30901

Private Lesson 60

minute sessions $60.00

Private Lesson 90

minute sessions $88.00



  • Aerial Yoga Level One Flow Certification from Flow and Fly Yoga on March 26, 2018

  • Aerial Yoga Instructor for Night Flyers Yin and Night Flyers Yang classes at Home Downtown Yoga Studio in Augusta, GA since April 2018

  • Aerial Yoga Level Two Flow Certification from Flow and Fly Yoga coming in September 2018

  • Performing in Arts in the Heart 2018 Festival in Downtown Augusta, GA

  • Trained in Aerial Yoga since March 2013

  • Trained in Aerial Lyra since April 2017

  • Trained in Pole Fitness since June 2018

  • Organized and hosted “Aerial Arts and Creative Side of Augusta Photoshoot” on June 10, 2018



Aerial Yoga is an exercise regimen inspired by Aerial gymnastics, Pilates, Calisthenics,

and Yoga movements. Aerial Yoga offers additional advantages that incorporate and enhance

the benefits found in traditional Yoga. A few of these additional advantages are:

1. Greater Flexibility

2. Better Focus

3. Strengthening Muscles

4. Stress Relief

5. Lengthening Ligaments

6. Decompressing the Spine

7. Increase Stamina

8. Relaxing Muscles

9. Improved Mental Health



In Aerial Yoga, your body weight is supported by an “Aerial Hammock”. The hammock

fully supports your body in various poses, like a prop, which allows your body to work against

gravity. The Aerial Hammock allows full body engagement for the individual, especially for their

core muscles, making Aerial Yoga a great Body Weight Cross Training exercise for anyone.

Aerial Yoga gives an individual the flexibility to make any practice or session their own,

whether it be as a Restorative Aerial Yoga, Cardio Aerial Yoga, and/or Aerial Yoga Acrobatics

(flips, tricks, and/or drops).


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